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With my recent post titled “The Future” it seemed to get mixed feeling and thoughts. What the post was meant for was where is “MY FUTURE” with the reviews and overclocking community. This post is more along the lines on where my inspiration comes from with the community of computers and overclocking.

The word inspire means different things to different people. Websters Definition of INSPIRE is this:
To influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural

What brought me into computers was web hosting and building websites. I ran a few old HP X4000 workstations from my house and a friend and myself ran our own little business called none other than “XtremeCuztoms”. Having servers / workstations I grew to love hardware and building computers which allowed me to branch off into gaming and building a gaming machine. With servers running I was able to point more attention to gaming and UT99 GOTY. After a few months of playing I was hooked with computers and needed more. I was inspired gaming and gaming took me to a forum in which I joined and stayed for awhile. This site was

While there I met a few really nice people that guided me to posts and media that I needed to read to “overclock” my graphics cards to help with “FPS”. The first person locally I met was Tracy Nadeau (Noguru). He was an inspiration when it came time to learn the motherboard I was using and that board was none other than the famous GA-EP45-UD3P. Noguru knew the ins and outs of this board like no ones else and he helped me pick some good components to build from with the board and a Q9550.

As time had gone on him and I talked about overclocking, liquid nitrogen, dry ice (Dice as it’s called to us) and all aspects of overclocking. Not long after finding a CPU pot really cheap in the forums and having out first failed attempt of using “DICE” I was hooked.

I began to read a lot of forum posts on other forums about overclocking and 2 sites that always seemed to have the elite info were and

The info I found and saw drove me to want to push more into overclocking and to buy as much used hardware as possible because I knew that since my 1st attempt at overclocking failed I was going to kill hardware… 😀

After a few good results on chilled water and “DICE” I met a lot of new people from the forums and was invited into this private Skype room that all the overclocking team mates from OCN hung out at. Once there I had met Oliver (El gappo), Rob (Battlecryawesome), Mike (Mikecdm) and Greg (Hobiecat). There were a few more back in those days but those few will remain nameless at this time.. This group of guys became close friends, we chatted every night, we talked about
HWbot ( ) and what hardware we were going to buy and use for “Forum Warz” and overclocking. These guys became my inspiration into overclocking, they are the ones that were there to share the ups and downs with overclocking. None of us had unlimited resources to bench / overclock the best of the best hardware. We all banned together and found hardware for one and other like a small team or family. Since that time back a few years ago a lot has changed, many of those guys that use to be there for one and other are gone. Some are not into the overclocking hobby and some just don’t have the time. We are all human and have lives away from this hobby. For some, this hobby is a job, it’s a life and those people are the ones that inspire others to overclock and perform these insane benchmarks with insane hardware. In this hobby there are 2 main groups of people. We have the professional overclockers and the none professionals. Most all the pro’s get unlimited amounts of free hardware to test and kill.
All of us none pro’s spend out hard earned funds and try and buy those $800.00 video cards..

We are all inspired in this hobby when we see Andre Yang submit a 8,709MHz overclock on a FX-8150 ‘Bulldozer.
The people in the overclocking community see this and we are inspired to buy this processor, a Crosshair V Formula and get LN2 and try to attempt the same thing.

We are inspired from Vince (K|ngp|n) submitting 30759 marks with 2x GeForce GTX Titan at 1660/3800MHz on 3DMark11. This submission makes us want to go out and buy a Intel Core i7 3930K and a EVGA X79 Dark.

We are inspired when we see a guy that isn’t a professional overclocker that makes a submission like a this one. PCMark05 65255 marks with Intel Core i7 3770K at 6488MHz and sets a new world record.

What these guys do is inspire, they inspire us as consumers and end users to go and buy the products like they used to submit these awesome scores and the marketing works. We are all guilty of going and buying up all these products that we see submitted on because deep down inside we all look for that one chance that we can call ourselves a professional overclocker. The 3 guys I spoke about here, 2 are professionals working for major computer companies and 1 guy (Mikecdm) is just your above average everyday guy that enjoys a hobby and is inspired when he sees “Gold” and “Globals”.

People see inspiration in different forms dependent to what they are doing. When it’s a hobby that someone enjoys they need to be inspired to want to do better. Andre, Vince, Nick, Mike, Ron, Rob, El gappo, Chispy, knopflerbruce, Xtreme Addict, nacho_arroyo, Planet, rdrash, Hazzan, Deanzo, Splave, I.M.O.G., l0ud_sil3nc3, Dino, Pro (Bullants), HiCookie and Dhenzjhen to name a few….

These are the ones that inspire me, they are the ones that inspire us all to do more. More for the community and more for the future.

Company’s like Gigabyte, Asus, Asrock, EVGA, Intel and AMD are inspired by those people listed above. These company’s make a product or products and these guys and millions of others use these products and do amazing things with them. Some push them to the brink of exploding and some use them to design and build the future.

So…… Inspiration. Stop and think to yourself really quick after reading this long post. What inspires you in this hobby?

Best wishes

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